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Noah Basketball Training Program

Athletic Performance Academy and Noah Basketball have teamed up to provide basketball players the ultimate gift…the perfect shot!

Want to increase your shooting percentage? Free throw percentage? Do you want to be a Starter on your team? Be the MVP of your League?

Then Call 215-771-9680 today or fill out a request to register below for your team and for a session with the Noah Shooting System!


The New Noah Shooting System measures shots from anywhere on the court. It gives instant, verbal feedback for shot arc, depth, and left right, allowing players to correct their shot in real-time. This helps them build the muscle memory needed for a consistent shot. The Noah Shooting System also stores all of the data online, allowing players, coaches, or parents to view individual workouts, see unique shot charts and Rim Maps, and understand exactly what areas need improvement.


Individual: $35.00 for 30 minutes

Small group (2-4 players) $25.00 per player per 30 minutes

Team of 8 to 12 players: $20 per player for 60 minutes

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