Specializing in speed, agility and strength training for athletes between 7-18 years of age.

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Youth Performance Training Program

Athletic Performance Academy has trained more than 7,000 athletes in Berwyn PA and surrounding areas.  We have trained Professional athletes, All Americans, All State and All League.  We have trained MVP’s, State Champions and everyone in between.

We tell you this not to impress you, but rather to impress upon you that we have the knowledge and experience to teach any athlete the speed secrets they need to excel in their sport!

We have a 98.8% success rate in increasing the speed and agility of the athletes we have trained.

We use the most cutting edge, science based technology to help make our athletes the fastest players on their teams.

We specialize in increasing an athlete’s self-confidence, mitigating injuries as well as increasing their speed.  This dynamic combination are the keys to a successful program for our athletes!

Join the growing number of successful athletes we have trained by contacting us today at 215-771-9680!

Training Packages (Cost):

All State:  (6) Speed and Agility Training sessions:  $449.00

All American: 12 Training Sessions: (8) Speed and Agility Training Sessions +(2) Fit Light Reaction Training System sessions + (2) Vertimax Sport Specific Strength sessions:$795.00

Olympic Gold: 16 Training Sessions:  (8) Speed and Agility Training Sessions +(4) Fit Light Reaction Training Sessions + (4) Vertimax Sport Specific Strength Sessions:  $995.00

All athletes are required to go through a Pre- and Post-Evaluation:

Each athlete will receive a personalized electronic player locker that will house all of their evaluation results along with how they rank against the national averages for other athletes their age and gender!  Additionally, and no additional charge, each athlete will receive in their player locker (Automatically uploaded) our highly successful warmup video for each athlete to always have and our proven ACL prevention video that they receive (automatic upload) after their Post evaluation.

Pre-Evaluation (Cost):  $75.00 per athlete (included in our All-American and Olympic Packages)

Post-Evaluation (Cost); $75.00 per athlete (included in our Olympic Package only)

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Athletic Performance Academy teaches athletes proper running and direction change mechanics to increase their speed and agility.


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